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What is YEA?

We are registered as a charity in the UK and as an organisation in Uganda (East -Africa).

We re-imagined our core call during 2012 and our purpose today is to enhance the effectiveness of those who are actively engaged in youth work in the East-Africa region :-

The YOUTHWORKERS. The ones whose responsibility it is to reach, mentor, disciple, grow and build the millions of young people in East-Africa today. The ones responsible for ensuring that young people are healthy, strong, successful and God centered.

We want to support any Youthworker, be it a student leader, a parent, a social worker, a local church youth leader, an organisation head, a ministry head etc.

We want to enhance the skill, knowledge, purpose and calling, ability, creativity, relevance and passion of many youthworkers in EA, so they can in turn effectively disciple and mentor those they are in relationship with.

Picture a radio station: you can reach millions of people through the mic. When we build into the Youthworker we are building into the life of one who reaches hundreds and possibly thousands more than we could ever think of reaching.

This is our mission call and our mission field for the midterm.

This vision is supported by a group of individuals spread across the world. Some working in the field in EA, some praying for the work, some tirelessly giving finances, others advocating and fundraising, many as YEA alumni and ambassadors. Each one is important.

Find out more about the background of this charity

Download our leaflet here.

......nurturing a generation of young people in East Africa facing big challenges!

Heart for Africa Prayer
These meetings are usually held on the second Sunday of each month at Ralph and Rosemary's house from 5.00-6.00pm.
Contact Miranda to check

Bognor 10k

Paul and Kay will run this yet again on Sunday May 15th -last year the Rotary Club once more added 75% to what you gave!!!!
If you are able, please sponsor us again to make this an amazing fund raiser - contact Kay or Miranda

Follow link for details:

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     For Prayer - 2016

  • Pray for the team: Ian, Collin, Eugene and Winnie (and baby Joshua), Richard and Richard

  • For provision of resources and energy

  • For health and family situations

  • For work and decisions



Cheap rate calls to Ugandan mobiles try: - - -  or

Through all the work that we do, our mission, our purpose is
“to develop and support practical discipleship programs for young people in East Africa”

Last updated 08/05/2016