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No 27 July 2006
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Summer 2006 Edition

Introduction • Collin in England • Vision • Update - Last 6 Months  • News & Visits • Programme • Prayer

Compiled by Collin Muwonge

In this issue:

Collin in England

Missions and Conferences


A vehicle is needed


Dear Friends

"Habari yako" which is the Swahili word meaning warm greetings to you all and if you’re fine, you reply "Muzuri Sana".
YEA is blessed to have supporters all around the world and as a team we are so thankful to God for each one of you. Remember that your prayers and support enable us to effectively do God’s work in East Africa.
As a team, the Africa team and the UK team, we are committed to wholly and faithfully serving God through the ministry of YEA.

Thank you, for all the support and may God continue to bless all of you.

Ian, Silver
Collin and Douglas


Collin's Column                 

For the last few days I have been contemplating and thinking about what Africa's main problem is. Being an African, I am concerned for the way our Continent is suffering through endless wars, killer epidemics, very low and in some cases no incomes, hunger, excessive corruption etc
I am convinced that Africa's main problem is not poverty, Africa's main problem is leadership; starting from the simplest unit of society, the family, to the highest office in the lands, the President.

Whilst I believe in the "Make Poverty History" campaign, we cannot make poverty history in Africa without concurrently making "Sound and Good Leadership a Priority".
YEA is committed to making "Sound and Good Leadership a Priority" through its mission and discipleship programmes. The next generation of leaders; fathers, mothers, teachers, government officials, businessmen and women, pastors etc, is our focus.
When we have men and women in leadership who are sold out for Jesus and are committed to standing up for him, Africa's problems will be solved.

Collin Muwonge

Introduction • Collin in England • Vision • Update - Last 6 Months  • News & Visits • Programme • Prayer


Focus of YEA in East Africa

Since January this year YEA in Uganda have been thinking about compiling a profile document. So over the past months we have concentrated on defining the purpose, the vision, mission and focus of YEA for the next years.

We decided as a team to dedicate this process to God through prayer and fasting. When on our team retreat in April, God clearly spoke to us about what YEA should focus on - discipleship of young people in East Africa. A lot of discussion has been going on with the UK trustees and we are convinced that this is the direction in which God is leading us.

We will focus on mission and development of mission teams and programmes in churches, discipleship training for young people and youth workers (including church leaders, teachers and parents). Also support of churches and ministry organisations in their practical discipleship programmes for young people will be key.

Our vision is to see a generation of mature and devoted young people in East Africa, sold out for Christ in all that they do, to all places they go and to all people they meet.

Young people are the future of East Africa and with a young people rooted in Jesus; the tide will steadily change in Africa.

Introduction • Collin in England • Vision • Update - Last 6 Months  • News & Visits • Programme • Prayer

Collin in England

Talk of Collin coming to visit us has been going on for over a year. Collin and Kampala Baptist Church raised the money for his airfare, but getting a visa took until the last moment. At first his visa was rejected, but after some amazing and unexpected intervention from a senior member of the British High Commission, his application was fast-tracked and it seemed that God planned for him to come.

Collin is staying with Paul and Kay (YEA trustees) and their children, Elise and Dominic, and has become one of the family. He has had varying ‘English’ experiences ranging from Romeo and Juliet in the grounds of a stately home, to braving the big rides at Thorpe Park!!! More importantly he has got involved in the life of the church, and other churches in the town, got to know YEA supporters and people in Bognor Regis Baptist Church, and got stuck into helping with youth work. He has been invited to speak to several groups and is making good friendships. He will return to Uganda at the end of September.

Right: top: Collin seems to be somewhere rather familiar

Right bottom: Collin with Paul at Thorpe Park


Introduction • Collin in England • Vision • Update - Last 6 Months  • News & Visits • Programme • Prayer

Recap of what has been happening in the last 6 months

YEA Youth conference - March 06:

In March we had the first ever YEA youth conference in Mukono (central Uganda) in partnership with the Church of Uganda. About 80 young people aged 11-16 attended. Together with our volunteer support team, we ran Bible studies, talks, worship and live music and games for the young people. Collin did a talk on abstinence on one of the days and 30 young people pledged to live holy lives. At the end of the weekend, 5 girls gave their lives to Jesus. We thank God for the relationships our team built with the young people and the youth diocesan workers in this region.

The volunteers at work

The teams gather in Mukono

You cannot have a youth conference without youth...

...in fact lots of young people!


Introduction • Collin in England • Vision • Update - Last 6 Months  • News & Visits • Programme • Prayer

Word of life and Baptist Mission of Kenya camps:

In December we travelled to Mombassa in Kenya to help run the Word of life and Baptist Mission of Kenya youth camps. Ian was the main camp speaker at the Word of life teens camp for the week. Collin and Douglas were camp speakers at the Baptist youth camp

Some windmill impressions we think - and of course camp games!

Mission trip to Western Kenya: Report from Ian

We have had a partnership with Parklands Baptist Church in Nairobi for some years, this has mostly been through our Youth Camps. With Nick (Kip) becoming youth pastor of Parklands the relationship is growing and they have begun to send out youth mission teams similar to the YEA teams.

Douglas, Dan, Robert and I are just back from their first mission training and placement. The training and preparation was mostly theoretical rather than practical, so I took a few sessions to extend the teaching. The mission was to Tot, in the northern Rift valley; a 12 hour trek from Nairobi with the last 4 hours on bad roads. The Endo people, part of the Kalenjin tribal grouping live in this beautiful area, overshadowed by the Rift escarpment.

The team from Nairobi were thrown in the deep end of mission in this remote and difficult area; we stayed with them for 2 days, doing open air and schools ministry, and by the time we left they were settling in and getting on with the work.

Left: Parklands Youth

There is a lot of learning to do and we suspect we may be more involved next year, but the experience is definitely good for the youth involved - a big challenge for them, out of the comfort zone. We are also discussing the possibility of Parklands sending us a team next year to work in Uganda.

Our trip back to Eldoret was a luxury as World Vision had a land cruiser heading back with empty seats. For once we actually got back earlier than planned to Kampala.


Pastor Nick (Kip) from Parklands (right)  with Collin

Meeting up with Partners:

Over the last months, we have been making trips to plan our future work with our ministry partners in the regions where we are currently working, as well as where we are planning to start working. This has been an opportunity to evaluate our work, plan for future work and also encourage our partners. We currently are working with churches and youth organisations in Kampala, Mukono, Mabira Forest, Hoima, Mityana, Masaka (all in Uganda), Nairobi and Mombassa (in Kenya) and hopefully Daresaalam in Tanzania.

Introduction • Collin in England • Vision • Update - Last 6 Months  • News & Visits • Programme • Prayer



Visitors: Rachel and Jeremy from BRBC visited for a few weeks in March and overlapped for a while with Ana and Elisete, who returned at the end of March.




Ian’s visit to England:

Ian and Collin travelled together to England in April. Ian was here for 6 weeks and spent time catching up with friends and supporters as well as with his family up in the Lake District. He also travelled to Belgium to meet up with YEA friends and supporters as well as to preach in the Sunday morning service in the Oostende church.

Ian’s nieces visit Uganda:

Sophie and Lucy, Ian’s nieces are visiting him in Uganda from July 17th – August 8th and will spend time with Ian for two weeks on holiday.


Ingrid from the Oostende church in Belgium is visiting the YEA team and Kampala Baptist Church for 2 months up till September 2nd. We are so thankful to God for Ingrid and the role that she plays in YEA as well as the growing YEA link with the church in Oostende.



Robert Halcrow:

One of the young people from Bognor Regis Baptist Church, is visiting with the YEA team in Uganda for 7 months. While there, he will get involved with YEA work as well as with Kampala Baptist Church.

Vehicles Rav 4 and Vehicle #2:

Apart from a few slight problems with the car, it’s running fine at the moment, however it is not able to handle rough roads and long journeys. After much research it seems the most cost-effective way of acquiring a good second vehicle is to buy it in England and export it. We now need to raise enough money to buy a Landrover Discovery, cover all the costs of transport, import duty and tax – we are looking to find around £8000. A tall order for a small charity, but not a problem for God! A strong vehicle is essential in furthering the work of YEA in East Africa.

Introduction • Collin in England • Vision • Update - Last 6 Months  • News & Visits • Programme • Prayer

Future Events

YEA youth conference August 06:

Building on the success of our last conference in March, we are planning to have another YEA youth conference in Mukono in August.

Youth conferences are a way of nurturing our young people, evangelising and discipling other young people as well supporting the Church in Mukono in development of its discipleship programmes.

National Baptist Association Youth camp:

The YEA team is involved in planning and facilitation of this Baptist Association youth camp.

Youth workers’ discipleship training in Mityana and Hoima:

YEA will be facilitating and running discipleship training workshops for youth leaders and youth workers in Mityana (Central Uganda) together with the Baptist church and Hoima (South western) and the Anglican Church.

Collin to Keswick Conference and WEC camps:

Collin is up in Keswick at this year’s Keswick Conference as one of the youth and music leaders and will be travelling with the BRBC youth team to the WEC camp as one of the camp leaders.

Introduction • Collin in England • Vision • Update - Last 6 Months  • News & Visits • Programme • Prayer

Please pray for:

  • Give thanks for Ian and Collin’s trips to England and for many growing relationships.
  • Pray for safety and good health for the team and their visitors.
  • Pray for wisdom and funding to provide a vehicle.