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Christmas 2006 Edition

The Joys of Giving * A Very Busy Weekend * Building Work * Power * Campsite * Camps and Ministry * Upcountry * Visitors *

In this issue:

Building Progress

Visit to Mukono

Robert Halcrow

The Joys of Giving

The ongoing work of YEA depends on the generous giving of supporters. In a very real way, you are partners with Ian and the team in the work they undertake in Uganda and Kenya. Without you, it would not happen.
This year, as well as providing for the day to day living expenses of Ian, your donations have trained and sent out Mission Teams, enabled the training and ongoing support of youth workers, taken youth camping, provided a water storage tank for the house, maintained the vehicle, and enabled the house extension to progress. The house is not only Ian’s home, but a drop-in for the youth, a place of retreat or base for visiting teams, mission training centre and YEA HQ in Uganda.
2007 is a year of opportunity and the vision for developing the work in East Africa will only be limited by the financial support we send out to them. There is desperate need of a 4 x 4 vehicle large enough to take the teams out on mission and robust enough to cope with the rough surfaces of Ugandan country roads. The power supply situation is worsening and we are keen to equip the house with a battery inverter to provide basic electricity during the frequent power cuts. The new campsite will require equipping and maintaining, and an increasing number of invitations are being received from churches for youth training and mission.
We bless you for your support and invite you to continue in partnership with us as we look to financially provide for the fulfilment of what we believe is God’s vision and plan for YEA. If you would like to give to any of the specific projects or for the ongoing support of Ian and the team, please contact me by email to: thelma.edwards@youthworx-ea.org.uk or by post to: 73 Victoria Drive, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 2TD for details of online banking. Cheques should be made payable to YOUTHWORX-East Africa and sent to the above address. If you are a UK tax payer, and would like to increase your giving, we can provide a Gift Aid declaration form for you to sign. Thank you.
Thelma Edwards (Treasurer) and the YEA Trustees

A Very Busy Weekend                

On Saturday 25th November VOW choir (the group Ian is patron for) came over to the house for a full day retreat. They spent time both in fellowship and also planning for the future.

On Sunday 26th November Ian invited lots of people who have shown an interest in the work of YEA to a meal (provided by Ingrid) at his house to let people know more about YEA, especially the UK end, and to float ideas for the future. Afterwards Collin wrote:
“We had such an encouraging time on Sunday. It was one of those events where, if you feel like really you’re hitting against a hard wall through all the work, it really energises you and refocuses you. Hearing feedback from the friends we invited and seeing them getting to know each other and partnering more in Christ was such a fulfilling and blessed time.”


The situation in Uganda only gets worse, with regular power cuts and load shedding which means the power is very low and often off all evening. With darkness lasting 12 hours of every day in Uganda, this causes a big problem. Ian has been researching a solution and writes:
“The first estimate I got was for a fullscale inverter system that would power everything in the house when the mains was off. The inverter system draws power from the mains to charge heavy-duty batteries then automatically switches to using the stored power when the load shedding begins. The first quote was £4500!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I then called another independent guy to come over. He has suggested a lower power inverter system that will give us all lighting, some sockets, computer and printer and a choice of using stereo/tv etc but not all together. It would not power the fridge or water pump so we would need to be satisfied with these working just when mains is on. His quotation is around about £420 - just a slight difference. This system can be extended in the future to offer us more back up and solar panels could be added at a later date if affordable to begin to reduce our reliance on the grid power. This solution, whilst being less wonderful than the first, is a whole lot more believable and we think is probably the right one to go for”
It is becoming increasingly more important for Ian and the team to have access to the internet in a safe and secure environment, preferably at the house. Not least because of problems with bank accounts. There have been some set backs with this plan, but its something which will need to be pursued.


Building Work

The last few months have been unusually wet in Uganda, turning the dirt roads to mud and disguising the pot holes in a rather dangerous way!! Collin has been over-seeing work to extend the back rooms of the house and add one more large room that will be office space as well as extra accommodation.

Building work has progressed slowly because of the weather, but it is moving forward. In November Ian wrote:
“As you can imagine the house is not the most peaceful place on the planet right now. I left just now as the builders were removing half the original roof so as to attach the extension roof at right angles!!!! Just a bit noisy in a house that has iron sheets as a roof. It is raining like crazy at the moment and I got almost no sleep last night because a thunderstorm to end all storms went on most of the night.”


On Friday 17th November Ian went with Amos to make final decisions regarding plans for the Discipleship campsite down at Entebbe. They are hoping to make a start in clearing bush, putting in latrines and marking out tent sites etc over the Christmas/New Year period. There is already a big team of volunteer youth eager to get down there and make a start. Ian reports that there is a lot of enthusiasm all round for this project.

Camps and Ministry

Ian and Collin have been involved in camps through December, more of them next issue, and of course there will be the KBC youth camp in January. Ian and the team are still closely involved in the youth ministry at KBC as well as being involved in preaching, teaching and leading worship and choir.

Land to be used for a permanent campsite


In early November Collin and Ian did some up-country trips planning for next year.
They went up to Hoima and had a long and very useful time with Godfrey Buro. He has been appointed Diocese Secretary and therefore has quite a lot of say in the direction of the work there. He is very committed to seeing the youth work continue to develop and wants YEA to be a central part of that. They also spent time with the youthworker there and will be back in Hoima late January to do some training with the youth workers from all over the Diocese. This will be a good time to get to know them as well.
They also visited Mustard Seed Orphanage and now have provisional plans for Catherine to spend a few weeks there, probably travelling up with them in January then staying on for a while. Alongside working at Mustard Seed she hopes to get involved in the Diocese children’s/youth work.

Ian and Collin also made a trip over to Mukono. Henry arranged for them to meet with the Provost of Mukono Cathedral plus a whole group of Reverends from across the diocese. They were having a staff day and gave them time to explain the work of YEA; how they had been working with Henry in Mukono and Mabira and how they felt they could help them in the future. This was very positive and encouraging.


Robert with Douglas

                                   Making Friends


Ingrid from The Pilgrim, Oostende, Belgium, returned to Kampala mid November, hopefully to stay for a longer time. Ingrid’s hospitality skills are much used by Ian and the team, and she makes a wonderful photographer – most of the photographs we have in newsletters and on the website are taken by her. She will stay at Ian’s house for a short time while she applies for a work permit and finds out just what God has planned for her. Please pray for guidance and wisdom for her.

Robert Halcrow from Bognor Regis, has been in Uganda since last July and his time there is reaching an end. We will ask him to produce a newsletter all about his activities when he gets back. If you can’t wait that long there is a lot of information from him on his page of the church website. Log onto www.opengate.org.uk and click on YEA, then Robert Halcrow, then latest news. Briefly he has worked with Scripture Union and the youth ministry at KBC. He has visited Kenya and Nairobi and especially enjoyed the work at the project in Mathare valley. He has been involved with a variety of missions and trips and has used his musical talents in all sorts of situations. Please pray for Robert as he travels back, re-adjusts to life in England and seeks God for his future plans.

Catherine Lex, another member of Bognor Regis Baptist Church is due to travel out in January to work in Kampala for a few months. She hopes to live with Faith, a long-term friend of YEA and work with Compassion and other projects while she is there. Please pray for her plans, health and safe travelling.

For Prayer:

For Robert as he spends Christmas away from his family and prepares to return to the UK
For Ingrid as she also spends Christmas away from her family and looks for God’s direction for her.
For Catherine as she prepares to travel out into an unfamiliar environment
For continuing health for the team
For good relations between all the various parts of YEA