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YEA Update EASG 18th May 2008


24th May to 10th July Ian in UK and Europe

9th July Zach Blunden-Codd to Uganda

29th July to 15th August Christians in Schools Team (CIST) visit Uganda and work with YEA team.

August Silver’s wedding


The turbulent few weeks experienced last month in Kenya, Uganda and Burundi appear to have

settled now, but the lives of many still feel the effects.

The challenges of daily life in Uganda continue as evening power cuts continue, fuel prices

fluctuate, and the general cost of living increases.

However, the YEA ministry is ongoing and the reports are encouraging – please see the website for

the full versions or contact me if you do not have access to a computer but would like to read the

reports. Many are too long and detailed to include in this general update but I hope the following

will give you a flavour of how valued the work of YEA is. We are grateful for your partnership with

us in this.


Here is a summary from the interesting and detailed report about camp life from Collin: “YEA work

in the camp. Over the last month, we have continued to respond to the need for training of young

people in lifeskills i.e. training of young adults in peace & conflict resolution skills, training of

teenagers in good decision making (including HIV/Aids and Abstinence), training of peer educators

counselling, supporting the development of the youth service and distribution of Bibles. Our

strategy is to aid holistic transformation of the youth in this camp.”

This camp has now relocated to Masindi and Collin will be meeting the Bishop to see a way forward

in partnership with his diocese.

Meanwhile, we have received a letter of appreciation from Antony Thio, Youth Forum Chairman:

”Kindly receive our humble appreciation for supporting us in all spheres of our lives especially

during our time of need and grief. The youth forum is an organization of Kenyan refugees at the

mulanda refugee transit centre aged between 18 to 35years. We are the hard hit victims of the post

–election violence in Kenya. Our organization also incorporates teenagers of all ages 13-15 with

total membership of over 300. We are highly indebted by the material and technical support your

organization has extended to us notably through seminars and training and donation of educative

materials and the youth service. Equally the tireless efforts of your staff, Mr. Collin Muwonge, are

highly appreciated. It is our prayer and hope that your organization will continue with these

activities especially to the less fortunate members of our community”.


Peter Zziwa, one of the volunteers from the INDA team Parkland Baptist Church in Nairobi, has also

provided a detailed report on the Gulu Mission. Chris Bwami, from New Song of Grace Uganda,

with whom they worked, has also provided testimony of how the mission reached 4150 young

people in Gulu town schools and four IDP camps.


The T shirts are now in use and Collin commented: “Its amazing how many people realised I was

there on behalf of YEA in partnership with World Vision.”


Collin reports that all is going well there and considers they are now on course to host their first

youth groups very soon. “ It’s starting to look like a campsite now. The builders have started to

build the hut foundations and the actual brick laying shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks. We have

had to look for some extra reeds for thatching the meeting shelter but it should be done by end of

next week if the reeds are enough. We might have to rethink our plans of thatching the huts with

reeds or grass because it’s getting increasingly very hard to get a steady supply of these materials

at the moment”.

In early September they will be having groups of young people coming in numbering 250. These

groups will be asked to pay some money towards maintenance which will go a long way in buying

some more equipment and maintaining the compound.


The new vehicle has arrived in Kampala now and at first sight did not appear to be suitable.

However, once Silver has taxed and insured it, Ian and Collin will be able to test drive it properly

and make a considered decision. Please continue to pray for wisdom on this decision.


Ian arrives on Saturday 24th May to spend some time with us here in Bognor Regis, and supporters

in Europe, and other parts of the UK, plus some valuable time with his family. Please pray for a

safe journey and an encouraging time of restoration in health and strength. He has a very full

programme but for those in Bognor Regis, if you would like to invite him round for a chat and maybe

a meal or snack, please let us know as soon as possible.

Just before Ian returns, there will be a Uganda lunch at Bognor Regis Baptist Church, Victoria

Drive, on Sunday 6th July to which everyone is invited. We will also be sending off Zach Blunden-

Codd as he goes out to Uganda to spend a few weeks working alongside the YEA team.

Thelma Edwards, 18th May 2008.