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YOUTHWORX EastAfrica has recently added to their team an Advisory Board of eminent Ugandans.
Below are their short profiles

Mrs Ann-Grace Fiedler is a founder member of Straight Talk Foundation (STF) Uganda, a leading reproductive health communications agency in Uganda. She retired from STF and now works with ACE, a USAID funded project that builds institutional capacities of selected HIV/AIDS NGOs in Uganda. Anne is a long standing member of Kampala Baptist Church. She is married and has 2 teenage sons.


Dr Lazarus Seruyange is the National Director of Life Ministry-Uganda. He previously worked as the Principal of NIST (Nairobi International School of Theology) before returning to Uganda to take up his current role.

He is a Bible teacher and often speaks at various church events. He is married to Loyce and they have 4 children and 4 grand children.


Mr Silver Innocent worked with Ian for many years in the initial stages of YEA while still a student at the University. He later took up a job with ACET-Uganda.

He currently manages an HIV/AIDS project at the Uganda Youth Forum, a youth organisation founded by the First Lady of Uganda. He is married to Cleopatra.


Mr Godfrey Buro


Ian Wardle and Collin Muwonge

Ian and Collin are the team leaders for YEA in Uganda and are responsible for the day to day operations of the organisation. They join the board in this capacity