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Our Vision

Through all the work that YOUTHWORX East Africa (YEA) does in East Africa, we envision a generation of young people sold out for JESUS CHRIST in all that they do, to all places they go and to all people they meet AND nations whose GOD is the LORD.

Mission Statement

Through all the work that we do, our mission, our purpose is

To develop and support practical discipleship programs for young people in East Africa”

Practical discipleship is a model of discipleship that follows a process. It is more than a discipleship-training seminar. It centres on building strong relationships with the person being discipled and helping the individual “grow” through discipleship training as well as through practical hands on work and support.

Unpacking this...

1) Development of practical discipleship programs for young people -   “To transform young people into mature devoted disciples of Christ”

2) Support of development of practical discipleship programs for young people - “To enhance the capacity of churches, organizations and individuals involved in youth work to develop appropriate discipleship programs for young people”

The aim of YEA is to work alongside local churches that have a vision to develop effective youth ministry, with emphasis on reaching young people who are outside the church. Supported by the UK charity Youthworx East Africa, we are locally accountable to the board of directors of YEA Uganda (a registered company limited by guarantee). Our work takes many forms, including:

Training workshops:

Equipping youth and children’s workers to reach young people better.

The training includes - growth and development of young people delivering effective communication methods
games skills & developing leadership

Youth mission teams, working alongside local churches in community outreach, schools ministry etc.

Discipleship of young people through mission experience

Youth camps/conferences – assisting with planning and facilitating gatherings of youth

Offering orientation and support to short-term mission teams of youth visiting from the UK.

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Camping offers opportunities to develop trust,
build relationships and of course have fun!