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Monday 17th December

Hi everybody, We are all looking forward to having the Lex family over for Christmas and our plans for the usual feast are coming together well. I will be away Wednesday to Sunday as I take the family on safari, but I will keep the phone on in the evenings in case you want to make contact.
Small scale campsite opening ceremony is now scheduled for 27th Dec so that it happens while the Lexs are here.
I wish you all a very Happy Christmas but will try and make contact over the Christmas holiday as well.
God bless

Friday 7th Dec

Hi All,
Just to let you know we are all now back in Kampala .
Our computer is in hospital right now so I am needing to borrow other peoples internet access until we get sorted so please bear with my limited communication for a while. If you need to catch me urgently please phone instead. I will let you all know as soon as we are up and running again.
God bless and thanks for all your messages, calls, emails and prayers while we were in Burundi.

Monday 3rd Dec

Today the team is on the bus back to Kampala and just myself and Alex are left in Bujumbura. We leave for Kigali tomorrow after a few wrap-up meetings today to discuss the way forward for work in Burundi.

Saturday evening was the Worship Event at Minevam Ville Church in the centre of town.
At 6pm 10 ordinary Ugandan Youth stepped onto the platform. The Holy Spirit ignited their praise and for the next 2 hours we touched Heaven. It was powerful and extra-ordinary. I think that says enough. I only wish you could have been here to experience it.
About 600 people packed themselves in and around the church. The desire and hunger for worship, for God and for reality, after years of civil war, is immense.
God bless and I hope my next communication will be a report once back in Kampala.

Tuesday 27th Nov

Hi Everybody,
Thank you for all your texts and emails. Unfortunately the system here is not very good so replying by either phone or internet is proving a problem. Some of my emails are definitely hitting a black hole and so are many of my texts.... So if  you have been communicating and are wondering why I am not responding... that is the reason.
But to let you know, we are doing fine and the programme is going well. We have been well received by everyone here and are looking  forward to the rest of the week. We are very busy so that has also made it tricky to communicate. In fact I am now 3 days behind on my journal so need to catch up.
Prosper and Alex arrived well on Saturday. Unfortunately Ray had problems with his travel document at the border so he is back in Kampala trying to rectify that for himself and Dorothy and Carol as they are also on travel docs. All the rest of the team have passports so should have no trouble. Silver arrived ok yesterday evening.
Just now and for each morning we are running the training and in the evenings we are having youth worship meetings where we are teaching from Philippians. I began that last night and the other guys will continue through the week.
I think that will be all for now as the days training is starting now and i should be there.
God bless one and all
Ian  ( and Silver, Prosper and Alex)

Friday 30th Nov

Hi Everybody,
I have found a working internet connection so am making the most of the opportunity !
Firstly for those who were praying for Ray, I am glad to say he reached us on Wednesday evening with no problems at the border. At least we now know the procedure although it was unfortunate for Ray that he had to suffer. He was still here in time to do his teaching on Thursday morning.
The morning discipleship training is now successfully concluded. It has been well received by 50 Youth leaders from 8 of the Churches in Bujumbura.
Last night Silver also concluded our teaching on Philippians in the evening joint youth fellowships at Minevam Kigobe Church. These have gone well, looking at one chapter each night. Myself on Ch:1, Prosper Ch:2, Alex Ch:3.
While I have been having various meetings with city Pastors to discuss our work and how to proceed in the future the rest of the team have been in to 2 Universities for lunch hour fellowship.
Last night VOW arrived safe, well, excited and tired in Bujumbura. They are resting this morning at the team house and this afternoon will be rehearsing ready for the Worship event tomorrow. This evening we are invited to another city church where they are holding a Youth Worship rally. The team will present 2 songs and I will be giving a mini-preach (whatever that is!!!).
Please continue to pray for us and I will try and keep you updated.
God bless

Thursday 22nd Nov

Arrived safely in Bujumbura yesterday. Now rested and ready to face a busy 2 weeks. I will try and check email from time to time and can now be called direct on +257 79 312015. (dial 0844 497 0505 for 5p per min.) Please feel free to call at any time.  Look forward to hearing from you.
 Au revoir pour le mement .

Thelma spoke to Ian and reports:

Ian is fine and was still in the internet café when I rang so was surprised to hear from someone so soon!   Climate is similar to Kampala.   Time difference is only 2 hours ahead.   He answered the phone in French!   Re language, he says he can understand enough to not be lost as there are similarities to Swahili and other languages.   English is not spoken, however.   He thinks the team will understand more than he does, and of course Silver will understand it all when he arrives.   Everything is organised and he is preparing to speak at a church tonight so will discover what sort of translation is required or if he has to attempt French. 

Saturday 10th November

Yesterday's retreat was great.
    We booked a minibus and all met at KBC at 10am to head to Nabinoonya beach near Entebbe. For our morning session we used Thelma's greetings and notes for a Bible study and I also quoted a few recent emails as an encouragement to the team
     We then ate a huge picnic before Paul Kato (ACET Uganda) came and gave a useful talk on personal spiritual growth and development. This was mostly discussion and challenging to all of us.
    The rest of the afternoon was time to relax, swim, chat, play football etc. We got back to KBC well fed and happy at about 6pm. This will be followed up this week by a team newsletter outlining future work so that the volunteers can plan their time better.

7th November - Burundi plans:

Ian has sent us the draft Burundi programme for our prayers.   He will be spending longer in Burundi than the rest of the team to enable him to have time to build relationships as well as fulfil a busy work schedule.   His workload while there is developing almost daily.  He has been booked to preach 3 times, meet numerous Pastors, discuss with children's workers about Viva network starting in Bujumbura, plus arrange the discipleship training that the advance team will do and the Worship event.     He writes as follows:

"My plan is to travel to Kigali, Rwanda on 20th November, spend the night there and then proceed to Bujumbura on 21st arriving by lunch time. This would give me all day Thursday (preaching Thursday evening somewhere), Friday and Saturday before the advance team arrives on Saturday night - 24th November. Sunday morning I am preaching twice in Florent's church then the discipleship training begins Sunday afternoon. This continues Monday to Thursday but just in the afternoons.  Florent wants to take us to different school Christian fellowships at lunchtimes so I am expecting the days to be quite full. The rest of VOW will arrive Thursday evening - 29th November and will have a full day for rehearsal and meeting with their Burundi counterparts on the Friday. Saturday will be a day to finish preparations and hopefully relax a bit before the Worship event in the evening. Sunday I am anticipating VOW being invited to participate in Church services etc and relax on the lake beach in the afternoon. All the team except me will then leave and travel straight back to Kampala on the Monday ( 3rd Dec). I plan to stay on for about 2 extra days before I head home to tie up any loose ends.


The Wedding

On 27th October Collin and Lynette were married. Click here to see more about the big day.

15th October 2007.

It is 5 busy weeks since I wrote the last update. During that time so much has happened including 2 weeks away in Kenya and the house has been re-shaped so that Collin and Lynette have a home after they are married. (Wedding day 27th October 2007)
Most of you will also have been following the news of floods in Uganda. Here in Kampala we have not had flooding but have endured very heavy rain and too much mud. This slows everything down, especially development of the campsite. The rains are still continuing at present but we hope will reduce soon so that we can catch up on this work.

Thank you for your support, both in prayer and financial gifts. We really appreciate your partnership in this work. It has also been good to hear back from many of you who have been reading these reports and logging on to the website. Please keep on writing to us. It is very encouraging.

I will attempt to update you on some of the main areas of work below as briefly as possible to avoid this report being too long:

CAMPSITE: Despite the rain we have completed the shower and toilet block and work has begun on the meeting/kitchen area. Hopefully we will continue this week. The next phase after that will be landscaping and building the cabins. We managed to get 3 ten man tents at a good price as well. We still hope to officially open this site in December and pray that the rains reduce so that construction is not further delayed.

BURUNDI: We are beginning to work in Burundi next month. VOW choir and some of the YEA team will be travelling over to Bujumbura 23rd November to 2nd December. This visit will have dual purpose. We will be meeting with Florent Bahizi and other Pastors he is in relationship with to plan how we can assist the churches there to disciple their youth. We will also be partnering with the youth in Bujumbura for a Youth Worship event which Florent is organizing for Saturday 1st December. The VOW team members are each raising 50% of their costs for this trip and we are looking for partners to help cover the other 50% ( 45 UK 90 US$ ) so if you would like to be part of this please contact us.
I will try and send round a separate report on Burundi later this week so that you can pray with us as we begin this exciting new work.

COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL: This work is progressing well. Collin and Prosper have been moving around the different centres researching the need for discipleship. In the next few weeks we will be meeting with the Project directors to plan how to develop the discipleship program.

MATERIALS DEVELOPMENT: This week we will be starting to put our discipleship notes together into a format that can be used by all our volunteers to lead sessions. The plan is for this to end up as a flexible manual that can be used wherever we are asked to develop work. This will take time to produce so we will keep you all up to date with progress.

GULU: We are planning a Youth Conference in Gulu for January 2008 in partnership with local churches in the area. We will update you on this as the planning progresses.

PARKLANDS INDA TEAM: Parklands Baptist Church in Nairobi has a team each year of students leaving High School who commit to 8 months of training and mission experience. We are in discussion with Pastor Nick (Parklands Youth Pastor) to host the team in 2008. If this goes ahead we plan to take the team to strengthen the work in Gulu with Schools Ministry and running a Bible club program.

MUKONO: Our work with the Anglican Diocese in Mukono is continuing well. Douglas (YEA team member) is currently working with Liverpool Lighthouse Church (UK) and will be coming to Uganda next week with a mission team from the church who will be working in Mukono. During their time here they will be working in Kasoga SS in Mabira forest.
We are also planning with the Diocese to run a series of 1 day Youth Conferences in some of the rural areas of Mukono District and also training workshops for village Youth Workers in the local churches.

HOIMA: Our partnership here continues and we have another Youth worker training scheduled for January 2008.

BAPTIST UNION UGANDA: Last week we met with the National Youth Director of BUU and agreed to meet with the National Youth Executive on 17th November to help them plan a strategy for Youth discipleship in the Ugandan Baptist Churches.

KEST: (Kampala Evangelical School of Theology) We have been requested to help develop the Youth Ministry component of their Pastoral Studies course.

VOLUNTEER TEAM: Our regular volunteers continue to juggle their home/work/school commitments while working alongside us in the YEA work. They are a great bunch and need your prayers and encouragement.
We are planning a volunteer training day this next Saturday to help strengthen this team.
As the workload increases we would love to be able to take on 2 volunteers on a regular basis and support them to do this. Especially this would help with materials development and building/running the campsite. If you would be interested in helping to support a volunteer for a limited period of time please contact us to discuss this. To take on volunteers in this way would not just help us in the work but would also act as a training/discipleship for those who work with us. This would not replace our volunteer team as we would still be needing their support for regular programs, but it would help us to keep up to date with our heavy workload of planning, developing and administration.

Thank you for reading this report and for your prayer support. We would love to hear from you personally. Our contact details are below. Although it is expensive to make phone calls out from Uganda most countries now have cheap calls into Africa. It would be great to chat with you. You can also now find us on SKYPE. (youthworxea)

Youthworx East Africa. PO Box 26430 Kampala, Uganda. East Africa.
Tel: 00256 772 437990 (GMT+3)



I am writing this in a very old & crusty wooden floored dining room while waiting for breakfast to be served. This is the “Pig and Whistle” in Meru , a lodging that probably has not changed much since colonial times, except for crumbling.

I had a comfortable and relaxing night although Meru is quite an un-inspiring place to be. Despite its position on the slopes of Mount Kenya it is a typical dusty hectic and not very pretty up-country town. I quite like the hotel though. Supper last night, served on the terrace, was excellent & the shower had plenty of hot water. Even a TV in the room.

The trip here, once clear of Thika was pleasant; hills, rivers & a reasonable tarmac road. Today I will go on to Nanyuki.

The short and easy journey from Meru to Nanyuki was good. Beginning through thick montane forest we dropped down into neat wheat fields with the Northern plains stretching to the right & the foothills of Mount Kenya looming to the left. It took about 2 hours to reach Nanyuki. I found an excellent coffee house & enjoyed a cappuccino. Unfortunately that appears to be the highlight of Nanyuki town for me. Unless I missed something it is a dull service station for the surrounding farming community. It also has an overload of British army parading the streets as there is a large training field base just outside the town.

The lodging was adequate (although the shower refused to work), supper was excellent, but otherwise not really “the place”. I made a call to “Camel camp” & reserved a hut.


After breakfast I bought up some provisions & looked around for a taxi to take me to “Camel camp”. Just outside Nanyuki town this place is something very different. Greeted at the gate by a group of sleepy grazing camels I could be 1000 miles away from the town. The ranch is owned by and English/Somali couple who have a herd of 160 camels for breeding, milk production, limited meat production & tourism. I spent a lazy day strolling through the ranch, sitting by the Nanyuki River & now writing as the light fades awaiting my supper. Tonight I will be sleeping in a totally authentic woven Somali hut…no door… not much at all really…but very cultural.

The supper was delicious (pilau, sikuma & goat), maybe more so being eaten out of doors on carved wooden Somali plates (small carved wooden camels around the edges) & matching wooden spoon as a utensil. I was joined at supper by 3 hopeful puppies who all agreed that the food should be shared. I disappointed them.

Ali, the elderly Somali Askari (security guard) came to chat over coffee after supper. Not the most inciteful discussion as he only speaks Kiswahili; we seemed to vaguely understand each other. He originates from Garissa (north east Kenya) but migrated to Nanyuki in 1979. It would appear there was quite a wave of Somali immigrants into the region around that time. Many settled further north in Isiolo & Marsabit regions.

Chris Field, the owner of the ranch, originally worked for Farm Africa, & lived a semi-nomadic life with the pastoralists for some years helping with camel breeding projects to improve the livelihood of the local tribe’s people. It is reassuring to know there are other crazy Englishmen around!


More sleep than I expected but less than I would have liked. Living in an open hut in the bush activated my mind and kept me awake till the early hours. Then I awoke again at first light.

The 3 puppies have decided we are firm friends despite my unwillingness to share supper. Wherever I go they go, with great enthusiasm, with wagging tails and lolling tongues. Probably all the guests get the same treatment.

At 6.30am I walked up to a nearby Kopje and in the early warmth of the day’s sun got my first sight of Mount Kenya without cloud. The rugged peak thrusting skyward and the full bulk of the massif in clear view.

Time for breakfast. I wasn’t expecting bacon, eggs and croissant. But nothing could have prepared me for Biltong, Njera and Chai. (Camel jerkie, Ethiopian flatbread) Surprisingly edible!

After breakfast my steed was waiting and saddled up. Songa the camel (meaning “he who learns quickly” in Kiswahili) took me for an extraordinary and backside numbing safari. If you have never tried it make sure you do in your lifetime. Songa has a mind of his own & stops regularly to eat the local bushes and cacti.

Finally bade farewell to the camels & left Nanyuki on a Matatu headed to Nyahururu via Naro Moru. Much of the 2.5 hour journey was a free game drive. Great flocks of grassland antelopes & Zebra.

Thomson Falls Lodge is my home for the next 2 nights. Wonderful, colonial & probably hasn’t changed much since the 1930’s. Wood panel floors, creaking bathrooms & an open fire in the bedroom. Nyahururu is the highest town in Kenya (2360m, 7788 ft) & mighty cold at night. The spectacular falls are at the edge of the tropical gardens. They are in flood from the recent heavy rains, dropping 72m, 240ft into a deep ravine below the lodge. I have just enjoyed a sumptuous 3 course meal & coffee.

Great place! Time to sleep…


Contrasts. This morning was a full English Buffet breakfast washed down with endless coffee. This preceded a blissfully lazy day. I explored the town, gazed at the falls, lounged in the gardens & took a siesta. It was pleasantly sunny most of the day.

I’m now sitting in front of a roaring fire waiting for supper.

Tomorrow I need to find a public transport route to Lake Baringo (could be a challenge) & hope the campsite exists & has a room. Their phone number doesn’t seem to work.


Interesting day! Started with another filling cooked breakfast & then an easy & pretty drive into Nakuru down the Subukia escarpment (1 hr). Stopped for a quick cup of tea then onto a dilapidated Matatu heading for Marigat. Horrible vehicle but a great journey out into the Great Rift Valley. Once in Marigat I waited for an eternity for the next Matatu (even more dilapidated) to fill up. We finally set off only to conk out driving through a large rocky river where the bridge had washed away. Dried out the plugs, push started backwards & continued for a few more Km’s then ran out of fuel. 1.5 hrs later relief fuel arrived, another push start & we made it to the village of Kampi ya Samaki by Lake Baringo, narrowly missing an Ostrich. Besieged by touts I made it to the camp to find it full. I’m now in a run down dive that I bargained heavily for. The saving grace…. Lovely lake & nice supper back at the full campsite. Tomorrow ??? !!!


It may be a dive but the bed was clean & comfortable & I slept like a log. Woke early, showered then walked back up to the campsite for a slow, relaxed breakfast on the terrace. Excellent with good Kenyan coffee. The campsite is beautiful with abundant birdlife. They also have some rustic lakeside self catering cottages ideal for groups. But next time I should book….

After breakfast I decided to brave the touts & arrange a boat trip. I made an advance decision what I was prepared to spend & reduced by 30%. Then the bargaining began. End result. Blissful 2 hours exploring the lake in a good motor launch with guide. 11 pounds. It can be done at non-tourist & it was worth it. I saw monitor lizards, hippos, goliath herons and fish eagles. All in all I am glad I came. This afternoon I will take a siesta then see if I can gatecrash the posh lodge for afternoon tea.

Actually I went back to the camp after the siesta and drew cabin plans for our campsite. After this I took a stroll by the lake & nearly got eaten by a crocodile. Earlier in the day I had seen a Hamerkop nest high up in a tree by the lakeshore. I was busy looking up into the tree again and tripped over a tree root. Fortunately this disturbed the croc that I had not seen basking a few feet away. My heart was pumping fast after this encounter but the croc was more scared than me and launched himself quickly into the lake.

Later in the afternoon I took an exploratory walk of the village & ended up with about 20 Watoto (little children) joining me. We had an unusual English/Kiswahili chat about Uganda.
Wonderful supper but lousy sleep as my room appears to have become a mosquito sanctuary…..


So really this is the last day. Tomorrow will just be the run back to Kampala. I am writing this from the Eldoret Wagon Hotel, another colonial left over. I seem to have done a grand tour of decaying colonial hotels!

I escaped my “dive” room early this morning, bidding farewell to the mosquito population & hiked with my luggage up to the camp for breakfast. (Next time I come to Baringo it will be in my own vehicle, with camping equipment & a group of friends to share the place with)

After breakfast I sat on the roadside under the shade of an Acacia tree & waited for any vehicle heading back to Marigat. And waited……and waited. Eventually a kindly school teacher in an antique Nissan pulled over & offered a lift. We trundled back up the road, through the river and into Marigat.

The ancient Matatu in Marigat filled quickly & we soon began the mega hill climb to Kabarnet. With the poor old engine & transmission screaming in protest so began what must be one of the most spectacular road trips in Africa. For 40km we climbed the Great Rift escarpment. The Matatu terminated (almost literally) in the small mountain top town of Kabarnet & I continued my journey in a smaller shuttle bus. We plunged back down another wing of the escarpment into the beautiful Kerio Valley, across the Kerio River (this time on a bridge!), then the long hard, switchback climb back up the escarpment to Iten then on to Eldoret. This 3 hour drive has to be seen. No description does it justice.

I jumped out of the shuttle in Eldoret, swung my bag on to my shoulder & began to stride up the gentle hill towards the “Wagon” enjoying the highland air. The stopped quickly again & sat down at the nearest café shaking and with a throbbing head. I had not taken the 1126m (3716ft) change in altitude into account.

Ian is now back in Kampala and helping to prepare for Collin's wedding.

Monday 17th Sept 2007

The past week was dominated by rain, mud, power cuts and badly behaved internet. That is why I am writing a weekly prayer update from Nairobi a few days late. In fact I want this one to cover 2 weeks ahead as i am avoiding internet during my break.

Last Sunday I had an update of my Yellow Fever and Tetanus vaccinations. These have not affected me before but this time around I felt completely lousy for 2 days afterwards, all aches, pains and fever till Wednesday morning. I checked with my doctor just to make sure I had not managed to get Malaria but he said my reaction to the Yellow Fever jab was not unusual at all.
So Monday and Tuesday were not very productive. I dropped the guys down to Entebbe so that they could start work on the campsite again and did a bit of admin. Even the admin was not very productive because the power was off from Monday afternoon through till Wednesday lunchtime !
Wednesday it rained so heavy up to 11am that we hid. The waters rose and the mud came up and I began to feel very much like Noah. It stopped around luch time and we waded out form the day and actually got quite a bit done including lodging my Kenyan visa application and ended the day with a meeting to finalise plans for Gershom and Julie's wedding. Then it rained again!
(By the way, as an item for prayer, the rains in North and East Uganda have caused widespread floods and many 1000s have been displaced. Some of those who had left the IDP camps and gone home as the war reduced have now been forced back into the camps because of the rain)
Thursday I met up with Fiona Carr back visiting Uganda. Graham Carr has gone to work for 2 weeks up in Karamoja. Fiona is catching up with Kampala Music School which she founded while in Uganda. She had some valuable advice about charity DVDs that I will follow up in October. She has just completed one for KMS.
I also dropped in on David who really seems to be settling in great and is now driving in Kampala.
Picked up my Kenyan visa and got a bus ticket for Nairobi)                                               
 Then it rained again and the power went off at home till Saturday.
(Please note we do now have the money ready to get a generator and will be purchasing this very soon so don't feel too sorry for us)
Friday was a frantic catchup day to make up for the useless days. Met with Henry over in Mukono to plan for the team from the church Douglas is now working with in Liverpool. Also to discuss and plan the day conferences for the Mukono district schools.
Met with Hannington at Power FM to discuss his involvement with YEA as a "Friend" and also to get Power FM support for the Discipleship media campaign.
Many other catchup meetings too boring and many to list.
Wedding meeting for Collin and Lynette, almost but not quite rained off.
TGIF debate complete washout and no one turned up so that will happen some other day.
Saturday Gershom and Julies wedding went great all through then the rain set in and I struggled even to make it home the mud was so thick. But the power was back so I could pack in the light .
Safe trip to Nairobi but arrived with a stiff neck from the road. It is almost impassable in places, more potholes than road and blocked up with heavy trucks. Quite a nightmare really. But a good nights rest and now I am writing this with a much less stiff neck.
The weeks ahead:
This week I have meetings at the project in Mathare Valley (to plan for some friends of David Cormell who want to come next year as volunteers), with the leadership of Parklands Baptist Church to get their involvement with our work starting in Burundi (they have some missionaries there), with Kip (youth pastor of PBC) to discuss YEA involvement with the PBC youth ministry, With Word of Life to finalise the December Youth camp, With Edgar and Sammy to chat about YEA in general and get up to date photos and profiles for the website......and....and...
I am also trying to contact Margaret Trueloves friends who work with street children in Nairobi but as yet they don't reply to emails and don't answer their phones so...
If time I want to find out what Kenyan Safari companies do with their used vehicles (as this may be a good way to get one for our future income generation)
I am sure I have forgotten some stuff but you can get a feel of the week from that.
Then on Friday I will head of into the wilds of Kenya to RELAX. I wont be checking email, the phone will mostly be off and I don't even know where I am going yet
God bless and thanks in advance for your prayers. Will be in touch again after 30th September.
Sept 8th 07 from Ian,
Just written one report and the computer swallowed it so I am trying again.
People work is strange. I woke this morning feeling exhausted from the week and yet could not quantify any particular work achieved. The reason is the week has been full of people and they are not products to be completed. So really the week has been productive and busy with little to report....
Douglas and Brian got off to England fine.
Meetings with people/organisations all over the place.
Campsite planning visit successful and work to start again on Monday.
Compassion work ongoing (mostly Collin)
Kbc medical mission week went well
Lots of admin/planning etc all week.
The coming week:
More of the same
Finalise plans for Kenya
Campsite work
Hopefully plumbing for house changes
Possibly Kibaale forest (tbc)
TGIF debate on cults in churches (Friday)
Gershom and Julie wedding 15th (KBC Youth)
Leave for Kenya 16th.
The first draft was much more interesting but now I am out of time. Hopefully this will at  least give a picture.
Thanks for your continued prayer for all we are doing.
God bless
Sept 10th 07 from Collin,

Hallo to all..

Hope all is well with you.
All well with here. My wedding preparations are going well. t all gets a
little bit stressing and frustrating at times but I know God's with me in
all-that keeps me going..and oohh greetings from Lynette..

This last Saturday, we had a whole afternoon + evening with David and
Catherine. David seems to already be fitting in even when he's largely
spending a lot of time with the muzungu family hosting him. We will be seeing
him from time to time. Miranda and Derek are also arriving sometime in
October and will be at my wedding, which is really exciting..

This week. we are commencing work on the campsite again. We are gona finish
up the bathrooms and toilet and have them ready for use and then start on
building the meeting shelter+the kitchen. Hopefully by December the campsite
will be ready for use and we plan to officially open it when the Lex family
is here.

I am meeting with the Life Ministry directors again this week and talking
more about the YEA-partnership and future work.

We will be looking for appointments with prominent Christians, including the
First Lady of Uganda with the purpose of talking about the
need for discipleship/mentoring of Uganda's young people and also
interviewing them for newspaper articles. A friend of YEA from the New Vision
newspaper will be doing this.
I hope you all know that the New Vision, which is Uganda's largest newspaper,
accepted to be a part of our Discipleship media advocacy at no cost. This one really excites me..

Again this weekend, we will be having the very first Volunteer team training
which we will be holding every beginning of the month. This is aimed at
equipping our volunteers with the necessary life skills and biblical
knowledge for the work God has given us. It will also be a time to relax and relate..

House alterations continue this week. The building work is done and next is
the plumbing work and then the repainting of the walls..

May God bless you all and have yourselves a good week.

Love Collin

September 2007
Dear Friends,
I plan for this to be a much shorter update than last time but just as important. So much is going on at the moment that we would really value your prayers for.
Please feel free to contact any of the team direct by email or phone to get more information and updates. All our details are on the contact page.
So what is going on ?
Ian is back after a good 6 weeks in England, Belgium, Holland, France, Guernsey and Wales. In 2 weeks time he is heading over to Kenya to meet up with our co-workers there and also take a bit of a break after so much travel.
Since the last prayer update a lot has been going on that we can be thankful for. All work successfully completed:
   *  Collin and team gave training for about 60 Church of Uganda Diocese Youth workers in Hoima, Western Uganda.
   *  Collin and team spent some days in Gulu, Northern Uganda involved in Schools ministry and also planning with partners there for future work. We are now planning a Youth conference in Gulu in January 2008.
   *  Another Youth conference in Mukono . Collin took some sessions there too.
   *  Ian and team travelled again to Lwetamu and then on to Masaka for a week of discipleship training for Compassion Intnl sponsored youth.
Our volunteer team are growing in strength. Please pray for them as they sacrifice time and energy for YEA ministry alongside work, home and study commitments. Please visit the volunteer page to meet a few of them. More will be profiled there soon. 
Our partnership with compassion International is developing. currently we are working with both the Kampala Cluster and Masaka cluster. As well as carrying out residential discipleship training for older youth we are doing needs assessment in the Kampala centres to ensure the training we offer is relevant. This is becoming a major part of our work.
The campsite is shaping up. We managed to get three 10 man tents at a bargain price the other day which can supplement the cabins. Most ground work is now done and we hope to continue construction within the next 2 weeks. Please check the campsite page for more info on this plus photographs.
Much discussion is now going on to develop work in Burundi. Edgar (one of our Kenyan co-workers) has been over and met with Florent Bahizi in Bujumbura (see home page). We hope the VOW choir will kickstart out partnership with Florent as they travel over in November for an evangelistic concert and conference in Bujumbura plus schools ministry in Muyinga. Please pray for these plans and the major resources needed to make this happen. As you pray if you feel you can help sponsor one of the team members travelling please email us for more details.
We have recently met with the President of the Baptist Union of Uganda who is keen for us to help the Youth Department develop a strategy for the National Youth Ministry. Please pray for this new working partnership.
Collin and Lynette are now having wedding meetings each Friday to plan for their big day on 27th October. Please remember to pray for them as they take this exciting step in their lives.
( Please look for Lynette on the volunteers page) 
   *  As the work develops the need for a 2nd vehicle is becoming greater. Please pray for the resources to realise this.
   *  We would love to open the campsite soon, so please pray for the work to progress well and for the resources needed to finish the basic construction.
   *  For energy, passion and good health in the YEA team and volunteers.
   *  Pray for a growing team of partners worldwide who can support this work in so many ways to match the amazing growth of the work in East Africa, This is an exciting season and we need more people to share in it. Please tell your friends about us.....
Thanks so much for your prayers and support for us. Please keep in touch with us personally as well as reading this.
God bless you
The Youthworx East Africa Team

August 2007

Hi All,

 I think you all know my flight back was good if a bit bumpy over Ethiopia, and I got back home with my luggage intact. One of our back tyres disintegrated on the way back from the airport, so we were late home after changing that in the dark. We now have a new one.
Thursday I tried to catch up with Collin while feeling like a zombie, then Friday repeated most of the discussions of the day before. ( I understood the 2nd time around !)
By Saturday it was time to pack and prepare for Western Uganda:
The 2nd visit to Lwetamu went well. We had most of the same youth with us from 3 months ago so we took the new discipleship course to follow on from where we left before. I was also able to meet with Sande, the area development worker for Compassion Intl, responsible for the Masaka district. We had a good chat about the work we are doing and he invited me to his district project directors meeting the following day in Masaka.
Our team of volunteers completed the work in Lwetamu well, coped well with the camping and bush location and all made good friends among the youth.
The fairly short trip from Lwetamu to Masaka for the 2nd programme was made exciting by getting stuck in the mud. 10 minutes and a bit of back and forth with 4WD got us out and entertained the kids in the local village.
We arrived at Masaka Baptist church at about 7pm (just as it was growing dark).
The programme went very well. A big lively Compassion sponsored project. the youth had so many questions we could have spent days answering.
I went to meet the project directors at 'Hotel Zebra'. They gave me an hour of their meeting to explain the importance of discipling the youth and discuss how we can work together. I was preaching to the converted ! A great bunch of very committed staff who have a real heart for the young people they work with. They are very keen to see how we can work together and we will now be planning with Sande. The idea is for us to put a time limit on taking our own teams of 2 years. During this period the project leaders will identify key youth in their villages who we can train to take on the programme. Then we will do a  hand over and occasionally go back to monitor how the work is going. This may well become a model for how we can work in up country areas as it is not realistic to do all the work ourselves long term.
On Thursday afternoon we said our farewells and headed towards Kampala, stopping for coffee at the equator.
Friday back to business as usual. Collin was also back by now from taking a team of volunteers to a youth conference at Seeta near Mukono. We had a meeting with the Compassion staff at Agape Baptist (part of the Kampala cluster) and will be back there within this school break to meet with their youth for a needs assessment in preparation for running discipleship programmes later in the year.
Saturday I met with Catherine for lunch then went to see her new flat. Good place and very close to the school. I think it will be ideal. She seems to be settling in well and is ready for the new term to begin.
The week to come ....
Monday      am:   Meeting with Compassion Kamwokja ( part of Kampala cluster)
                    pm:   Meeting with Micheal Pukol (new president of Baptist Union Uganda )
Tuesday     pm:   Meeting with Life Ministry youth team.
Wednesday        Youth Conference in Wakiso  (10km north of Kampala on Hoima road)
Thursday             Youth conference in Wakiso
Friday                  Youth conference in Old Kampala School
1. Micheal Pukol has been a friend of ours for many years and has just been elected as the new BUU president. He wants to meet with us to discuss how to improve the youth ministry of BUU.
2. The youth conference in Wakiso is something that Pastor Andrew wants to have us involved in.  We will probably be teaching or taking discussion groups.
3. I have been invited to speak at the conference in Old Kampala School. It is being billed as an international conference with 10000 delegates from all over the world. We don't know much about it, but I got involved by a bizarre connection where Pastor Ahmed in Dar es Salaam (previously in Mombasa) got to know the organiser called Adams who turned out to be my neighbour in Kampala. Interesting now to see what happens on Friday !
I think that updates you all pretty well.
God bless