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August 09

Greetings to you all.   Here is a quick update following Ian's return to Uganda.  

The last few months have been very busy for Ian in Europe and for the YEA team in Uganda.   It has been great to see relationships grow, support strengthen, and the YEA Ugandan team move forward with vision and confidence.   I hope many of you have discovered the new communication method (blog) direct from Uganda - I commend it to you as it is a brilliant way to catch the heart of what they are doing and get to know our front-line team.  http://youthworxea.wordpress.com/

Their programme can be found on the YEA website. http://youthworx-ea.org.uk/programm.htm

Over here in the UK, the Just Giving site is enabling financial support to be given online from anywhere in the world, www.justgiving.com/youthworx ,

a Friends of YEA group is being set up and fund-raising events organised.   .     

Over in Uganda, NGO-type registration is progressing, the Ugandan Board is in place, the campsite is up and running, and premises for the coffee shop being actively sought, so there is much to be thankful to the Lord for.    The most recent HOT OFF THE PRESS news today is that a replacement vehicle for the work-horse of a minibus was found ahead of completing the fund-raising for it.    As this vehicle was very good value and met all our guidelines for purchase, YEA UK Trustees directed Ian and Collin to go ahead with the purchase and managed to add to the funds already raised and cover the cost with some short-term loans.   The vehicle has now been fully serviced and is on the road ready for use.  They plan to sell the other bus which will refund some of the loans, but we still need to raise about 2000 in addition.

In Bognor Vicky Toomey is heading up the Friends of YEA group and taking the lead in co-ordinating fund-raising events -
She writes:

"On the 19th September 2009, Youthworx East Africa - Uganda is organising a fund-raising banquet in Kampala and Youthworx East Africa - Bognor Regis Supporters are organising a fund-raising harvest supper in Bognor Regis. Both event organisers would like to encourage other supporters across the world to be involved and make this a global event of support. Other supporters might want to hold an event in their town or even just get together over a cup of tea and pray that day for Youthworx East Africa.
It would be great to all be together wherever we all are.
I would be grateful if you could let me know what you're planning so we can include it on the fundraising page  and I can send an email round to enable us to pray for each other's events
You can find a poster for the Bognor Regis Event here and if you would like any more information or just want to get in touch if you have any ideas for Friends of YEA, I'd love to hear from you. vicky.toomey@yahoo.co.uk"

 Let us know what you plan and send a photo after the event too so that we can celebrate being together as we support God's work in East Africa.

Bless you
(on behalf of the UK YEA Trustees)