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Young people often make up a high percentage of the Church in East Africa, but tend to be under-valued. Therefore they feel rejected and struggle to develop their potential. In YEA we seek to empower youth by giving them mission opportunities. We support this by educating Church leaders to understand and appreciate their young people. We run mission teams of East African youth to different parts of the region and actively seek partnership with local churches who wish to copy this model.

These mission teams have a dynamic impact on the youth & the communities they visit. They effectively offer discipleship & training. Everyone can see what ordinary young people can achieve, given the opportunity.

In training workshops we encourage youth and children's workers to develop a strategy to reach un-churched young people and offer skills training in how best to understand and communicate with them.

To find out more about the region and the work, follow the links.

       Some of KBC's youth

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The Region

The Great Rift Valley runs through Kenya and the Western Rift Valley down the border of Uganda and Congo. The region also has high mountain ranges, tropical rain forests, areas of dry semi-desert and many lakes and rivers.

There are semi-nomadic and agrarian tribes, with Bantu, Nilotic and Nilo-Harmite language groups, making this a fascinating region. This means that to be effective, we have to be sensitive to the people we work with.