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February 2010 Update

         Campsite is ready to host students and groups from churches for the going deeper camps.

         We pray for bonding with the groups and successful training.

         At Amigos, as a marketing strategy, we are showing movies every Friday, we pray that these movies will become a tool through which we can minister to these young people as well.

         Every last Friday of the month, we will be holding an open air cinema at the Makerere swimming pool (the university near which Amigos is located). Again we pray that these movies will impact the lives of the young people that we aim to meet. We also pray that we get sponsors and partners with us in this venture. This will be an opportunity to fundraise for YEA

         We have begun a school club called Painted Wordz, as a tool to promote use of words, art and voice for effective communication; this will give us an opportunity to mentor young people in Godly ways and also provide a platform for the young people to address issues of empowerment and positive living .

         We also need to keep praying for a good volunteer support base.

         For wisdom as we put together a team to write out Bible studies on homosexuality for church youth groups. Homosexuality is becoming a major issue in Uganda.

         For Ian, Collin and Prosper as they travel to Burundi to train youth workers in four town churches.

         For the entire team as we plan new projects and draw out work plans for our work in Masaka, Bushenyi, Mukono and Hoima for 2010

         For Ian, as he travels and works with church youth groups and youth leaders in Zimbabwe and for his complicated road trip back to East Africa.

         For our old volunteers as they start work else where and for the new volunteers we have identified as they begin to understand the vision of YEA

         For Collin as he starts his new role as a member of the National Executive Committee of the Bible Study Society of Uganda and for Ian as he continues his role as a board member of the Uganda Youth Forum.

         For the new local board chairperson (Hannington) and his assistant (Ann Grace) as they start their role as leaders of the YEA board.