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Current Needs

To make sure that we are behaving responsibly in regard to health and safety we have carried out a risk assessment at the campsite. There are some areas where improvements could be made, for instance collecting rain water for cooking and drinking and providing improved cooking and serving facilities. These will require some financial input and we are collecting details at the moment.
If this is an area which interests you, please contact Thelma for more info: thelma.edwards@youthworx-ea.org.uk

On-going Needs




Running vehicles in Uganda is very expensive. The roads take their toll on both our vehicles, so they constantly need attention. Perhaps you'd like to sponsor a litre of fuel per week. Contact Thelma: thelma.edwards@youthworx-ea.org.uk



We have no salaried workers. There are core team members, whose expenses and living costs are met by YEA, but most of our workers are volunteers. In order to free them up to help us and still be able to support themselves for their immediate needs, we would like to be able to pay them expenses and pocket money. If you'd like to sponsor a volunteer. Please contact us to find out more. thelma.edwards@youthworx-ea.org.uk

How can I help? 

After checking out this site you may be interested to find out more or want to support this work.

Below are the UK contact details for receiving regular newsletters. (Copies are put here on the website as well)

We would value your support for our work by:

  • encouraging others to read about YEA. Please let others know about this web site.
  • praying for the different aspects of this work
  • finding out about short term mission opportunities to assist our work.
  • supporting us financially as you are able - maybe sponsor a local volunteer.
  • writing to Ian, Silver, Collin or Douglas or other volunteers to give them support

“Don't just send us nets...
Come and teach us how to fish”
Young Ugandan -2004

This has been at the heart of the development of YEA in Uganda. In 1998, Ian Wardle, then a youth worker in Bognor Regis, England, heard God’s call and shared God’s heart for the youth of Uganda. He left his home, friends and family, and moved to Uganda and over the years has taught many “how to fish” and be disciples of Jesus Christ. And now, the “discipled ones” have learnt how to be fishers of men, have heard God’s call and shared God’s heart for their own land and that of the surrounding East African countries. The Lord has given them a vision for the future and this is explained in other parts of the YEA website.

YEA continually faces a huge challenge – how to resource the developing work as the Ugandan team receive many 'Macedonian calls' “Come over and help us”.

As the Bognor Regis support group met for updates and prayer on 21.10.07, they were reminded of the circumstances surrounding the call of the first disciples in Luke 5. After Jesus had borrowed Simon Peter’s boat to teach the growing crowd, He instructed Simon to let down the nets for a catch. Simon responded that he’d been fishing all night and had caught nothing but he would obey Jesus’ instructions. The nets went in and caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break under the weight of the harvest. They signalled to their partners to come and help them bring the fish to shore.

This seemed to be a picture of what is happening to YEA and, along with the Ugandan team, we are signalling to you our partners to come and help bring in the harvest.

We ask you to come and help us – be part of this exciting work of God.

Bless and be blessed.

     To all our financial partners, whether monthly, regular, or occasional, we thank God for you as the work genuinely would not happen without your gifts. Please continue to be the channel the Lord uses to supply the needs of YEA.

     To those who read this and are considering giving, please join us as a partner in God's work, knowing that however small the gift, it will be a valuable contribution. If you are a tax payer and can Gift Aid this donation, the benefits will be even greater.

     To those who support us in prayer, we thank God for you and do not underestimate the power of your partnership with us. Please pray that funds will be released to enable God's work to grow.

     To those who support in practical ways, we thank God for the generous sharing in the many ways this has been expressed. Please keep watching the website for the details of future specific needs.

Methods of giving

Cheque made payable to YOUTHWORX-East Africa and posted to YEA Treasurer, c/o Opengate Church, 73 Victoria Drive, Bognor Regis, West Sussex. PO21 2TD.

For Gift Aid forms, please click here or request from the above address or by e-mail

For SO or DD forms, please email YEA Treasurer at: info@youthworx-ea.org.uk and a form will be forwarded to you.

Ian’s address:

Mr Ian Wardle,
c/o P.O. Box 26430,
East Africa.
Tel: +256 772 437990
Please note this is GMT+3 hours.
You can text him on this too.

email: ian.wardle@youthworx-ea.org.uk

for text chatting online: youthworxEA

Collin’s address:

Mr Collin Muwonge,
c/o P.O. Box 26430,
East Africa.
Tel: +256 782 059059
Please note this is GMT+3 hours.
You can text him on this too.


Silver’s address:

Mr Silver Innocent
c/o P.O. Box 26430,
East Africa
Tel: +256 772 847718
Please note this is GMT+3 hours.
You can text him on this too.

email: silverinnocent@hotmail.com

Cheap rate calls to Ugandan mobiles:
Try these websites for typical costs of 6p-8p per minute.