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YEA UPDATE 15th March 2009.

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The key fixtures of the March/April Programme are:

18th March  J Team (Jackie, Judy and Janet from Bognor Regis) arrive.
30 March to 8 April Collin to Burundi. Various work.
1st April J Team leave.
14 to 17 April Adventure camp (at campsite. Details to follow)
20 to 24 April Hoima Youth team training
24 to 26 April YEA Volunteers 2nd 2009 training weekend.
29th April  Ian to London

However, the above dates do not reflect the day to day planning, meetings, training, and general relational work that is central to all that is undertaken to make the key fixtures happen. TIA (This is Africa) is a phrase often used when things donít go to plan, people canít be contacted, the internet ceases to function, phone lines break up, and the power fails. Patience, perseverance and passion are required behind the scenes.

Coffee Shop The search for suitable premises continues.

Company Registration The process to register YEA as a Company Limited by Guarantee in the name of "Youthworx East Africa" continues. This is the first step to registering as a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) or Faith Based Organisation (FBO).

Campsite Risk Assessment and visitors The Kyambogo Youth Leadership Training took place at the campsite earlier in the month. The team took advantage of the visit to put into action some of their recommendations following a very thorough and formal risk assessment on behalf of YEA. Issues such as water provision, sanitation, food preparation, and safety using the lakeside campsite were assessed. The basic facilities are satisfactory but as the campsite is used more often, there is need to fundraise to provide improved clean water storage and supply along with other small details of campsite risk management.

Lira In February Celestine and Prosper visited the Lira district, located in the northern part of Uganda, about 250km away from Kampala. They led a youth conference attended by youth workers, and over the two days covered a lot of teaching in 5 X 2 hour sessions based around the theme "The leadership Call and His role", from Jeremiah 1:4-11. You can read more of Celestineís report on the website.

Ianís Europe Trip Ian is preparing for his 3 month visit to supporters in the UK and Europe. He arrives on 29th April 2009 and returns on 30th July 2009. He has been making contact with people across the UK and Europe and planning his itinerary which can be found on the YEA website. If he has not been in contact with you yet and you would like to see him, heíd love to hear from you. Please email him: youthworx.ea@gmail.com

Finances Praise God that supporters continue to invest into the Kingdom.

Fund-raising continues for the coffee shop, and to complete the outstanding work on the campsite.

As the opportunities, invitations increase and the YEA team grows, so does the need to better support the volunteers who have to support themselves. Please consider blessing those who give up their time to this ministry. (Contact Thelma for information on Gift Aid and methods of giving or for those wishing to give online, visit: www.justgiving.com/youthworx; www.justgiving.com/thelmaedwards1)

Please continue to pray:

For Collin as he visits Burundi.

For Ian that he continues to gain in strength following the bacterial infection.

For the Company Registration that this process continues to completion.

For the continued search for a suitable premises for the Coffee Shop.

For the YEA team as they prepare for future mission trips.

Thank you for your continued support. If you no longer wish to receive this update by email, please contact me: thelma.edwards@youthworx-ea.org.uk