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Archive news


This section is nolonger being updated, so is just of historic interest.
Amigos Launch - Friday 11th December 09

At 4.30pm today our guests started arriving for the official launch of AMIGOS. This was after a busy few hours of preparation and planning. The place was all set up, decorated and ready to go.     
Loads of people came. The shop was crammed with friends from all the main Kampala churches.
 At 5pm Pablo and Anne Grace (Board member) cut the ribbon. Pablo then gave a humorous (he is a comedian by profession) welcome speech then Anne Grace formally dedicated Amigos through prayer to be used by God to reach out to campus students and to be a successful business to support our ministry. Ann Grace
                                Pablo A giant "AMIGOS man" framed picture was then signed by all present to be hung in the lounge area.
We then took around free tasters off our menu and freshly brewed tea and coffee for all our guests, while our friend DJ Twondex played music

Later Lazarus (Board member) came to visit and was also able to pray with us.

From next week we hope to begin theme nights. Ideas at the moment include Poetry recital, music "unplugged" nights and movie nights. We are also encouraging our friends to begin booking us for birthday parties and other celebrations.

Please continue to uphold us in prayer as we work to get all this off the ground.

Thanks for Gerald Ray for these photos

December 09

Hi Everybody,

This year seems to have passed at lightening speed. Now it is almost Christmas and I am looking back at a year that has been full, exciting, at times very challenging, but most of all a year where we have seen some real progress in our work. Thank you for standing with us.

For me I think the most encouraging change this year has been the greater sense of ownership of Youthworx by the Ugandan team. This has been slow at times (registration of the local Board to cite a case), but we have made progress and I look forward to 2010 when my personal role will be able to evolve more into oversight and development and less hands on management.

I am writing this letter on the morning that we launch AMIGOS, our Coffee Shop/Restaurant in Kampala. This aims to begin local income generation to support our volunteers and contribute to the mission of YEA. Already several of our regular volunteers are working there. Prosper is our manager, but he will also continue his involvement with other work.

Both Collin and Silver have become dads this year. Silver's wife Patra gave birth to Graciella and Lynette gave birth to Ryan. Both babies are doing well, growing fast and are quite delightful.

Our usual work has continued in all areas through the year, plus some new work beginning in Masindi and Bushenyi districts. Next week I will be in Masindi with Prosper running a series of Youth worker training workshops. Ray is working with Compassion International to extend our discipleship into Bushenyi.

We have just enjoyed a visit from Steve Jenkins (trustee) and this coincided with visits from our Burundi and Kenya partners. Work developing in Burundi has been slow in 2009 but will be stepping up in 2010 with a visit in March.

Collin has spearheaded the start of a network of Kampala youth workers similar to Naynet in Nairobi. We now have a great team meeting regularly to offer each other support, prayer and to have a corporate vision for reaching the city youth.

VOW choir is in the final stages of preparation for a Christmas mission to Mwanza in Tanzania for a conference where they will be leading worship and also conducting workshops on worship leading, singing, musical skills etc for church youth in the city.

January has the Uganda Youth Forum national conference, training work in Hoima and Bushenyi, Going Deeper camps at our campsite, Power of Worship Convention 2010 all lined up.

There is so much more I could write !!!!!

From myself and all the Youthworx team here in East Africa I would like to wish you a wonderful and blessed Christmas and happy New Year. I am preaching this weekend at KBC from Isaiah 9. Let me leave you with Isaiah's prophetic words.

'The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned........... For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.'

May He be your light, your counsel, your strength, your father and your peace over the Christmas season and into the New Year.


Latest photo of Silver, Patra and Graciella, taken by Steve Jenkins during his visit in November.

New Baby

Collin and Lynette are pleased to announce the safe arrival of Ryan Jedidiah who was born on Friday 25th September weighing 3.7kg. Mother and baby are doing well. Awaiting photo!

Wednesday 7th October - Vehicles

For all you who have been helping raise funds for vehicles - this is what we have for our efforts:

The bus is a replacement we have acquired in the past month, fund raising efforts continue to pay for this. In addition to being newer and therefore less worn out, this has more flexible 4WD capability.

The Land Rover was bought last year, having been imported from the UK. It has proven very durable and reliable despite all Uganda has thrown at it!

As has been stated on many occasions - vehicles in Uganda have a short and often difficult life. This means we can never relax about maintaining and replacing transport.

September 2009 - Ian visits Nairobi

Ian had a gruelling 12 hour journey to renew links to Parklands, Nairobi. In addition he met with the team behind NAYNET.

NAYNET is a group that co-ordinates church youth work across Nairobi. It provides prayer and moral support for leaders as well as promoting joint activities and meetings that cement links between the groups. Its success has given a useful model for other cities and this visit was a chance to discuss how the churches of Kampala can develop a similar network.

Parklands were keen to use Kampala based resources to help with missions in the border regions. Another idea in development is for interns from the church to spend some time in Uganda.

Read the details on the blog...

Or download the document.

Monday 21st September 2009 - Residency Granted

Ian is happy to announce that he has been granted a 10 year residency permit. Thank you for all your prayers during the application process.

Monday 10th August 2009 - New Life!

Silver and Patra are pleased to announce the safe arrival of Graciella Arianne Tusiime weighing 3.6kg. Mother and baby are doing well although Graciella is suffering from jaundice. Please pray for them all as they begin a new chapter of their lives together. Photos when we have them.


May 09

 Ian has arrived safely in the UK and is travelling around the north of England and Wales visiting family, friends and supporters until June 1st, when he returns to Bognor for a while. If you need to contact him during this time his mobile number is 07818 606413.

27th Oct 08

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your support in prayer for our work and for ourselves. We apologise that we have not updated you recently but below are some specific items we would encourage you to be praying for:
May God bless you.
Ian and all the YEA team.
  *  Team Retreat 7th November. We are taking a night away with the volunteers to discuss the work and vision. Pray for commitment of the team and for them to be able to take a greater responsibility for the upcoming work.
   *  Ugandan Board of Directors and NGO status: We are progressing with this. We have invited 5 people on to the Board and are awaiting their response before proceeding with this important step.
   *  Developing work: Wisdom as we decide what work we take on in relation to our team and resources.
   *  Volunteers: As our team expands that we are able to maintain the sense of friendship and that we can effectively disciple our team members. Also we are about to approach some more young people who we feel God is leading us to include in the YEA team.
   *  Campsite: To be able to finish the final construction work and landscaping that is to be done. This is being delayed by the rainy season. We want to be as ready as possible for the upcoming long school vacation when we expect the site to be busy. The site has already hosted about 200 young people despite not yet being fully completed.
   *  Income generation: Pray for the Trustees as they look for the way forward for the support of YEA despite the current Global Financial crisis. Also for wisdom and direction for the team in Uganda as we look for the right way forward to begin generating local income to support ourselves and the work.
Thanks for your prayers...

October 2008

Dear friends,
We may be in troubled waters at the moment, but we believe the word from the Lord to us at this time is to keep trusting and, fixing our eyes on Jesus, keep going as we are.  Please pray into the message below from the YEA Trustees:

Thank you for supporting YEA. In the current financial climate, like many others, YEA is facing real challenges. In Uganda, the cost of living and exchange rate against the pound is even more difficult than the 'credit crunch' issues we are experiencing in the west. The result is that we have had to significantly increase our monthly budget just to stand still. With the current challenges a number of supporters have needed to reduce or stop giving as they would like and that has meant we no longer have the income to meet our basic needs. As Trustees we are praying for wisdom to make good and faith filled decisions. Please pray with us as we have to discern each step of the charity, and if you feel led to make our needs known in your church, of even consider financial support, please contact us and we will let you know how you can help.
YEA Trustees

In early September Thelma reported....

I have just chatted to a very tired Ian on the phone - here is a very very brief update. 

We can rejoice with them on the exciting fact that THREE teams have just completed a busy and successful week all at the same time:   Collin & co have been at the campsite with Compassion International camp;  Ray & co have been at Masaka with the local Compassion projects;  and Ian & co have been in Hoima at five youth conferences.   Hopefully, when they get a spare moment they will fill in the details.

Jess Frith (from Bognor Baptist Church) flew out on Tuesday to spend a week with them en route back to South Africa - staying with Catherine.
Zach's visit is coming to an end, his last Sunday is a week today.
Alex is preparing for his Burundi placement this month.
Ian looks forward to going on holiday on 22nd September.

August 2008

Zach Blunden-Codd, an 18 year old from Opengate (Bognor Regis Baptist) Church is half way through his stay in Uganda and is enjoying his time there.

Dear YEA friends,

Ian and the YEA team and volunteers have been very busy in recent weeks;  the campsite is up and running, UK volunteers have joined with Ugandan volunteers and discipleship groups and mission opportunities undertaken with local churches.   It has been decided to "send" Alex to Burundi for two months to model discipleship and strengthen relationships with the developing work there.   If you would like to partner with us and sponsor him for this trip, we need an additional £150 per month plus £50 transport to fund this work.   Please let me know if you can help us with this.

We await the latest reports about the work and these will be posted on the website as soon as they are received.   However, we have heard that Ian has had malaria and asks for prayer for renewed strength following treatment.   Also, the exchange rate has dropped from around 3200 to the pound down to 2800. This is the biggest short term drop Ian can remember and is making a big dent in the actual money available as prices have not dropped.   They are also experiencing abortive internet at the house and no power (it keeps going off for 24hr periods so too long to use the generator) and emails have to be written from internet café, so if Ian does not respond to your emails immediately, this is the reason.

Thank you for your continued support.

18th March 2008

Collin has sent a report on the work so far with the refugee camp for Kenyans in Mulanda. Click here for the full report.

March 16th East Africa Support Group

Thelma spoke to Ian on Sunday afternoon and compiled a report on the latest information. I will distribute this around the pages of the site soon, but if you click here you should be able to open the word document as it is.

24th Feb 08 -for a full report on the situation in the camp - click here
As a result of the recent troubles in Kenya, a refugee camp has been set up in Tororo, Uganda, (just over the Western Kenyan border, south of Mbale and north of Busia).  Collin was invited to visit the camp last week. There are 5000 people in the Tororo camp of which 1500 are young people/youth.  Now that their basic needs of water, food and shelter have been organised, they are turning their attention to daily living. During Collin's visit the refugees who were youth workers or teachers met together to discuss activities for the youth.   They have invited Collin back to give them an intensive one day course in youth work on Tuesday next 26th Feb.  Please pray for Collin as he undertakes the 4 to 5 hours trip by taxi from Kampala to Torono on Monday, delivers the training all day on Tuesday, returns to Kampala on Wednesday and then leaves for Burundi/Rwanda on Thursday.   On returning from Burundi, a small YEA team will be sent to the camp to work there for a while.  

Thank you for your continuing support.

Ian is having a few communication problems at the moment and is also very busy, but he wants us to know that he's still thinking of us and will be in touch again as soon as possible

22nd Jan 08 from Thelma in Bognor

Please join with us in praising the Lord for His blessing poured out on the VOW/YEA worship event held at Kampala Baptist church on Sunday 20th Jan.   They could not squeeze any more in to join the 800 or so people of all ages who joined together in worship.   The worship was in the 8 languages of the key partner churches, and their flags lined the church walls.   While the UK Bognor Regis supporters met on Sunday evening, a text was received from Uganda.   It told of an amazing time and said "I can't wait for Revelation 7v 9….."  We found the passage and read "After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no-one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb.   They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.   And they cried out in a loud voice:  Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb."  ………   In that little room in England we caught and sensed a little taste of heaven that had been shown to the worshippers in Uganda.   I have spoken to Ian this morning and he said that one of the aims of the event was to join the network around the world together in worship.  What was accomplished in the spiritual realms, will continue on earth.   We will have a more detailed report later from one of the Ugandan team, but I felt it was important to share this news quickly so that you too could be drawn in to the spiritual uniting of hearts in worshipping the Lord.  

V.12  Praise and glory, and wisdom and thanks and honour and power and strength be to our God for ever and ever. Amen

17th Jan 08 from Steve Jenkins (Steve is a leader at Bognor Baptist Church, but also the Pastor at de Pilgrim church in Oostende)

Hi all
So far this visit has been very fruitful and the Lord has been working among so many people.  Their have been many opportunities to get good time with Ian, and to some extent Collin too. Also some good but brief chats with Sliver & Catherine. . . but more will come. 

The youth camp was packed into 3.5 days with a lot going on.  I believe my teaching sessions were well received and, as ever in this kind of environment, relationships across the church developed. . . .  I will find it difficult not to return again!
Ian is running round town today getting things together for hosting a team of 10 from Burundi this weekend. They arrive late tonight.  I am running too . . .  but mostly to the bathroom!!  Just happened today, was doing fine on local camp food!!  Anyway, I'll be good soon. . .  I need to be as I'm out for the evening with Pastor Andrew.  I had some good time with him and a few of the elders in between sessions at the camp and look forward to a deeper level of discussion and relationship tonight. Especially with Openheart. . . these guys are growing in their passion for worship and are really keen to both grow and give the joy that is from their own experience . . watch this space!!
Ian went down with a bacterial infection the day after I arrived, so we've been making sure he's not overdoing it!  He's well recovered now but these things knock you sideways over here in  the tropics, so he had to miss the start of camp and gently return to a normal diet . . but he is fully recovered now so nobody get into worry mode please !! 

I'm looking forward to a very busy weekend.  All day with Vessels of Worship (VOW) tomorrow, then preaching at Sat. night service then late meal with Burundi crew.  Preaching at 9 am Luganda service then English 11am service too.  VOW are leading worship at all of them.  Then 4 pm Sunday is the annual Power of Worship event with VOW where I'll also bring a word - this has become powerful outreach event and we are expecting between 500 - 700 people again this year.
While I'm at it I need to report that the YEA team vehicle is needing some additional (unplanned) repairs. The front shocks are struggling and need to be replaced earlier than hoped for,  Ian was wanting to leave that until Feb budget, but the reality is that they need to be done soon to avoid risk of further damage.  Also the steering pump is broken, and we are getting through at least a bottle of fluid every 10k on the more testing terrain. Time to put it in for service is a problem with so much happening (do I mention a second vehicle at this point?!) and especially as it's started to rain . .  a lot!  Much earlier than expected so the 'public' transport is jammed. . .  anyway, while VOW are practising we think we can get it to the mechanic for a bit to see what is needed . . but this could be an expensive job.  Labour is cheap but the parts are not.  Together we could be looking at 150 - 200 GBP . . so please pray with us for this provision.
Bless you loads and please give all my girls a big hug if you see them, they are back in Bognor today and will be until my return.  If you're not in Bognor . . then a call to them would be a blessing. I know it's not easy for them when I'm away and every bit of encouragement is a blessing.
Much love to all !

6th Jan 08

Christmas here was remarkably stress free this year. Remarkable because the whole period saw about 100 visitors through the house, all in need of feeding and watering. I think what helped was that for the past 2 years we have been getting back from camps in Kenya on Christmas eve then trying to pull everything together at the last minute. This year I went away with the Lexes but in the time I was away the household sorted out a lot of preparation which took the pressure off.

I managed to get some diesel at 90 pence per litre yesterday so quickly spent all I had filling a large jerry can just in case it is not available again. This means I now have all I need in store to meet Steve and David from the airport and go back and forth to the KBC camp.

In the short term though we have lots of practical stuff to finish planning for the VOW event and the KBC camp so I think this week will be pretty busy with that.

As far as I know Nairobi airport is still business as usual so there should be no problem for Steve and David coming through. Entebbe no longer has any airline fuel but the planes are stocking up elsewhere if they would normally put on fuel in Uganda. All our internal flights are suspended through lack of fuel. Up country buses are minimal and expensive and I have never seen the roads in Kampala so quiet. Rumour has it that fuel is now getting in via army convoys through Western Kenya. We are hoping that if this is the case we will be able to fill the bus up, although I guess the price will remain a bit high.

We now have hot dry dusty weather here so I guess we will get colds. Sounds a bit of a contradiction in terms but the dust carries the germs !!

God bless

2nd Jan 08

Hi all,

I have just watched the scary reports from Eldoret in Kenya on CNN. Realise most of you will also have seen this so it is a good time to give you YEA update on situation.
Just spoken to Sammy and Edgar: Both are fine. Sammy is up country in Kitale (his home district), so far unaffected by violence . He plans to sit tight till the situation improves then head back to Nairobi. Although Kitale is geographically close to Eldoret it is a different tribal group hence the peace there.
Edgar is in Nairobi. Very Ok in the area he stays but they are avoiding moving around the city. The Masemi boys all stay in the same area so we can presume they are ok. I will try and call them later to check.
Both Sammy and Edgar are optimistic the situation will improve soon even if CNN are pessimistic.
Please continue to pray for them and for Kenya.
In the meantime Kampala is pretty much paralysed regarding fuel. I understand what is left of the fuel is now up to 10000 per litre  ( over 3 pounds/ 6 dollars) so we may as well just sit tight for now and look for useful stuff to do at home.
Bye for now and will keep you updated as and when there is anything new to report.


Allow me to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Uganda has passed peacefully and warmly (its about 34 C today) into 2008. Sadly Kenya has not passed peacefully. You may have received reports about the troubles there since the Presidential elections.

The problems in Kenya have not left us unaffected. Since the elections on 26th the land borders between Kenya and Uganda have been closed.  This has shut the supply route for Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. The result is a severe fuel shortage in Kampala. Fuel where available has now doubled in price and there is no cooking gas. We may have to temporarily stop driving. I will try and update you as things unfold

Plans for the KBC youth camp are in their final stages and we are very ready for Steve's arrival (even though we may have to walk to the airport!!!) and the VOW annual Power of Worship event is almost set. That will be on 20th January so Steve will still be around for this. We are hoping that a team will make it over from Burundi for this event.

Before I finish I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your partnership, support , prayers, visits over 2007 and invite you to not only continue to walk with us in this work in 2008 but to also extend our welcome to your friends, families, workmates etc to become part of YEA. We are all looking forward to this year with excitement and anticipation of the work that God has in store for us.

May God bless you all so much


Sorry we're being so slack at producing newsletters, we'll try to get a new one out one of these days!

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