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January 2013

As many of you know, Ian and the YEA team have been ministering in East Africa, and specifically in Uganda for many years now. It is often a thankless task, but they continue to faithfully serve as God has led them. So today, it was a real encouragement to receive an email like this from Ian:

"Last Friday I received a summons to State House in Entebbe for a celebration of 20 years of Uganda Youth Forum. Some of you may know I am a board member for this organisation founded by the 1st Lady, Janet Museveni.

It was quite a grand event with a banquet on the lawns of State House over looking Lake Victoria with about 300 people invited.

After the Banquet we were invited into the main hall for a series of speeches, testimonies and entertainment during which I received a "Distinguished Service Award" from the 1st Lady "in grateful appreciation for the distinguished service as Board Member and devoted service of the youth of Uganda"

Although we don't do this kind of work to be awarded, it was really nice to see that my involvement over the years has been noticed and is appreciated. On calculation I have been working with Uganda Youth Forum since 1999.

The organisation was founded in 1992 as a Christian response to the HIV Aids pandemic to provide a forum for dialogue with young people to help them understand the risk and know how to avoid behaviour that would result in contracting HIV. UYF has contributed significantly over the years to educating youth across the country about HIV Aids which has resulted in a genuine reduction in infection rates. The battle against HIV Aids is not yet over and in the last 2 years there has been a slight increase in infection again. It was agreed on Friday that UYF now needs to step up activity to ensure this trend does not continue.

God bless
Ian. "

We are honoured to be standing with Ian an the Ugandan Team in the good work they are doing in the field.
Be blessed & encouraged