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No 28 September 2006
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September 2006 Edition

Collin's ColumnCollin in EnglandPastor Andrew Visits BognorRecent Work  • News  • Prayer

Compiled by Collin Muwonge

In this issue:

Collin in England

Recent Work

Robert Plays a Peg Game

Pastor Andrew in Bognor

Dear Friends
“Give thanks unto the Lord for He is good”
We are thankful that the Lord continues to use YEA in fulfilling the “Great Commission” in Matthew 28:19 in East Africa. We are grateful each day for the opportunities to Lift up the name of Christ in the lives of all the individuals we work with.
Rejoice with us at God’s goodness in opening doors for us to proclaim the Good News of Christ to both young and old, through our mission and discipleship programmes.
Thank you for your continued prayer and partnership in this ministry. God bless you.
YEA Team.

Collin's Column                 

Communicating the vision of the work God has given us in East Africa to our friends and partners is going to be a major focus in the future. We desire to walk together with you in rolling out what's on God's heart - God's vision for YEA in the future.
The "VISION" is to see a generation of young people that are SALT to the earth, sold out for Christ in all they do, to all places they go and to all people they meet. A young people grounded in Christ and his Word. A young people that will shine forth the true likeness of Christ in their families, schools, jobs, children-in all areas of their lives. A generation that will empower future generations into being SALT.
Our programmes will focus on mission and practical discipleship activities that nurture and ground the young people in God's word, transforming them into mature and devoted disciples of Christ.
We will also work with youth workers, church leaders, parents and teachers - people directly involved with young people.
In our next issue, we will unpack this more.
Collin Muwonge



Pastor Andrew visits Bognor Regis

Pastor Andrew Mwenge - the Senior Pastor of Kampala Baptist Church (KBC) has recently visited the church in Bognor and the Trustees of YEA. While in Bognor, Andrew spent time with Graham (Pastor of BRBC) as well as with some of the Trustees of YEA at a lunch at Steve Jenkins’ house. He also preached at the Sunday evening service on the 17th September.
With BRBC's vision of GOING TO THE NATIONS and KBC's vision MAKING HIM KNOWN, we are thankful that there is a developing partnership between the two churches and the two countries and we will actively work at walking together and growing this relationship.
Andrew has also been instrumental in the development of the work of YEA in East Africa and continues to be strongly committed to the developing vision of YEA.
Pray for the growth of this partnership.

Collin in England

For all the time I've been in Christian ministry I haven't been to a conference like Keswick; a big Christian conference with thousands of people. It was all new to me and I was able to attend thanks to our partnership with Mike Freeman, a friend of YEA and a trustee of Keswick. I was one of the youth team leaders specifically working with the 17+ group as well as one of the worship leaders for the youth main tent in the evenings. I led bible study groups and workshops in the mornings - the afternoon was mainly band practice and free time and in the evening I and others led the worship in the main youth event. What a great week!
After that was the WEC camp. 3 of us took a group of young people from Bognor Regis Baptist to the 1-week WEC camp in Cromer, Norfolk. I was assigned to be tent and village leader for the 15-16 year olds. I had 15 boys in my village and was responsible for them as well as leading their Bible study times every morning and evening. BIG TASK! They were a great bunch of lads and what a great time I had with them.

New Trustees for YEA

A warm welcome to 3 people who have recently become trustees of YEA
Steve Jenkins is one of the leaders at Bognor Regis Baptist Church and has worked in youth ministry for the last 20 years. He is married to Larisa and they have 2 daughters - Christina and Sophia.
Eric Passmore is a long time member of BRBC. He is a retired maths teacher and deputy headteacher. He is married to Jo and they have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.
Mark De Salis attends an Anglican Church in the Bognor area. He is a legal adviser to the Magistrates Courts and is married to Claire with an 11 year old son, Nathan.

They join Thelma Edwards, Kay and Paul Attwell, Janet Vince and Ralph and Rosemary Heaton in serving God as YEA trustees in England.

Recent Work

National Baptist Union Camp 14th-19th August.
This was held in a school near Entebbe. YEA team members, including Robert Halcrow and a team from Coventry, England led 260 campers in 5 days of fun and learning together



Youth Compassion Discipleship weekend
end of August at Ian's house.

Compassion International is a Christian children's organisation working in Uganda with orphaned and disadvantaged children. It has a project centre at Kampala Baptist Church with about 800 children in the ages 5-20.YEA organises discipleship retreats for the young people in this project where we take them away for a weekend of discipleship training, Bible study, prayer, lifeskills development, games and fun. This is what we mean by practical discipleship -discipleship through relationship. Over the past month, we have had 2 weekend retreats for these youth at our house in Namungona. At each weekend we've had 12 youth and a great time together in the Lord.
Youth Conference 1st-3rd September
A team from KBC travelled to Mokono in Central Uganda to work in partnership with the local church. Ingrid from The Pilgrim and Robert from Bognor Regis were also part of the team. There was drama, worship, seminars and 2 services for the local community.


God keeps opening more and more doors for ministry. We have been very keen to develop our partnership with Parklands Baptist Church in Nairobi, Kenya over the years. Last December we made a trip to Malindi in Southeast Kenya to join up with the Parklands youth leadership at their annual youth camp. Later, in July this year, the YEA team went on mission with youth from Parklands to Tot in Western Kenya. Now the YEA team has been invited to be the main facilitators of the Parklands Baptist youth camp in December this year.
We have also been invited to be facilitators for the Word of Life (WOL) youth camp in December. We've had a strong partnership with WOL over the years and it’s growing stronger each day.
We thank God for these open doors for mission, discipleship and evangelism



The RAV 4 isn't really up to the hard work we give it so we are actively looking to purchase a Land Rover Discovery that will help further the work of YEA in East Africa. YEA needs a vehicle that has enough space for taking mission teams to the field, strong enough to handle long journeys on very bad roads, dependable and flexible. We are aiming at raising £8000 to cover all costs. Please support us in this endeavour.




The House:

Plans to extend the house are still ongoing. As a way of creating an income for some of the boys, we made building bricks at the house with a borrowed block machine from Collin's grandmother. We currently have 600 -700 blocks ready for use and will commence building sometime in October. Gates have also been fixed onto the fence and the water problem sorted.
Uganda is facing acute electricity shortages and this has made it very difficult to run the water pump, power the fridge as well as use the computer for administration. We are thinking about switching to using solar power, in combination with a battery and Ian is at an advanced stage of finding out how we should go about installing this.

Robert Halcrow in East Africa:

Robert is actively involved with Kampala Baptist Church as well as YEA. He has worked with the YEA team in facilitating the conferences and camps as well as the discipleship retreats. In October, together with the Douglas (a YEA team member) he will be travelling to Nairobi and spending 3 weeks working with a children's orphanage in the slums of Nairobi - Mathare Valley Orphanage. Pray for him as he lives out God's purposes in East Africa.


Ingrid from The Pilgrim Church in Belgium has recently returned from Uganda after spending 2 months working with YEA and Kampala Baptist Church.
We thank God for the connection and the developing partnership with the Pilgrim Church in Belgium. They have set up a charity shop selling second hand clothes and the proceeds from the sales will go to supporting charities including YEA. Please pray for this project. You can also give in clothes for sale. Pray for her as she returns to Kampala in November and considers her future involvement in Uganda.


Collin back in Uganda:

Collin returns to Uganda on the 26th September to continue with his role in the developing vision of YEA in East Africa. A BIG THANKS from him to all of you who have warmly made him feel part of the family in England and helped him settle in well.

Please pray for:

  • Robert and Douglas working in Mathare Valley Boy's Orphanage in the Nairobi slums for 3 weeks in October.
  • Pray for the preparations for the WOL and Parklands camps.
  • Pray for Collin as he re-settles in Africa.