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Uganda is located in east-central Africa, situated north and northwest of Lake Victoria. It is a landlocked country bordered by Sudan on the North, Kenya on the east, Tanzania on the South, Rwanda on the southwest and Zaire on the northwest.

There are 51 tribes, each with its respective language and traditions. All this in a country with land area less than twice the size of England.

  Map and Flag Uganda
YEA is currently working in 5 regions of Uganda - Kampala, Hoima, Mukono, Gulu and Masaka. The YEA office is in Kampala is this is where all the work originates. Many of YEA's volunteer workers are members of Kampala Baptist Church.

A summary of work currently being done in Uganda would include

  • Discipleship/leadership training for young people
  • Church youth ministry development and support
  • Lifeskills training and education for youth and youth workers/leaders
  • Capacity building and empowerment for churches and youth organisations
  • Youthworkers/leaders training
  • Advocacy for youth discipleship and mentoring at national level
  • Campsite for discipleship and leadership development


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